The Dogs

Our organization aims to combine purpose and companionship to save the lives of pit bulls and positively shape the lives of veterans and first responders in need. A pit bull’s love and understanding is unconditional—the only string attached is a leash. Train a hero. Save a hero. Be a hero.  Visit our Ways to Help page.



Success Stories

Amos 2     Buf Fire House     IMG_2979-2     Conan     Mira     14639793_1145189388868856_279116676731882304_n

Amos                              Buford                            Odie                               Conan                           Mira                         Shiloh

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Skilled Companion and Emotional Support Dogs

IMG_0857-2     Ellie     Phoebe

Sheena                           Ellie                     Phoebe



Honorably Discharged Companion Dogs

Kaisa     Shamus 1                                        

Kaisa                              Shamus