Carson Scott Hayslip and Daniele Elizabeth Adams Wedding

Scott and Daniele’s Story
“Scott and I met on April 10, 2014, at my best friend’s bachelorette outing. I was literally rendered speechless by his amazing blue eyes! We were both down in Myrtle Beach. He was stationed in Jacksonville, North Carolina, and I was living in Manassas, Virginia. After just two days of nonstop talking, I knew that I wanted to see him again, and he felt the same way! We texted nonstop for a full week before he decided to drive up to Arlington, VA where we spent the weekend going to museums and learning about each other. Cut to May 2nd, and we met up again in Raleigh, NC. He presented me with his dog tags and asked me to be his girlfriend. Our first official date as a couple was spending six and a half hours in Barnes and noble going through history books and talking about our love of all things history.
It was two weeks after that that he drove for five hours just to tell me that he loved me so that the first time he said it, it would be in person. He stayed long enough for us to go out to dinner, tell me that he loved me, and then head back to Jacksonville for duty. That was also the night he met my sweet and wonderful mini blue pitbull, Fox. Fox was a rescued bait dog, and was saved from an awful dog fighting situation. He was a little worried about Fox at first because he had only ever heard negative things about pit bulls, but in only short time, he was completely in love with her. I often joked that the only reason he stayed with me was because he couldn’t stand the thought of never being able to see Fox again!
In 2016, my beloved cat, and Foxy’s best friend, Doe passed away after a long battle with cancer. Fox was literally a shell of the old pup we both knew and loved. So we made the decision to adopt another pup and give our sweet fox a companion. I’d always loved the odd looking bull terrier, and after moving to Charlotte, NC after Scott got out of the marines, we found a rescue devoted to Bull Terriers. Two weeks later, we welcomed Tasmanian Devil into our home, and i promise you, he earned that name.
Ever since I took Fox in and became a foster failure in 2012, I knew that I wanted to do more for this very misunderstood and abused breed. I started looking into possibly starting a rescue. After meeting Scott, he quickly jumped on board! We know that once we are settled and own a home with some land, we want to start our own rescue.
We are both so very blessed, in love, life, family, and friendship. I couldn’t ask for more wonderful parents, or more wonderful in laws, and I have friends that are beyond amazing and have been with me for over 15 years. We have everything we need, and the idea of using our wedding to get stuff we have no use for seemed silly to both of us. We are having a small wedding with only 40 people invited, that way the day can focus on our love for each other and the love for our family and friends who have supported us through this journey together. Then on March 3rd and March 10th, we are going to have a celebration with all our family and friends who aren’t attending the wedding in our home states of Virginia and South Carolina. Instead of gifts, we decided that we would much rather our wedding and the celebration of our love benefit rescues that are currently living our dream of helping animals.
Bat world is my chosen rescue as I have loved bats from a very young age, and my wonderful marine chose Pits for Patriots thanks to his love of our wonderful Fox.”


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Carson Scott Hayslip and Daniele Elizabeth Adams will be getting married on February 25, 2018, which will also be Daniele’s parents’ 35th wedding anniversary. It is sure to be a day full of love and blessings!

Congratulations Scott and Daniele! Thank you for choosing Pits for Patriots on your special day.