About Us

Pits for Patriots is a Chicagoland-based registered 501(c) 3 charity recognized by the federal government as a not-for-profit charity.  Founded in May of 2011, Pits for Patriots trains qualified, rescued pit bulls from various Chicago area dog rescues and shelters to work as service, therapy, skilled companion and companion dogs for United States military veterans and first responders (i.e. police, fire and emergency medical service personnel).

Pits for Patriots’ service dogs are trained to help improve the recipient’s quality of life. Our service dogs may help with opening and closing doors, turning lights on and off, retrieving personal and other items, pushing buttons, carrying back packs and small packages, assisting with mobility and balance issues, alleviating the use of a cane in some instances, as well as assisting with tasks for those in a wheelchair.

Military veterans and first responders routinely put themselves in harm’s way for the protection of the general public. We feel that they earn our special consideration regarding their need for service dogs. Those, whose lives have been negatively altered, through the fulfillment of their service, deserve the opportunity to repair their lives as fully as possible. Providing a rescued dog specifically trained for each recipient helps to facilitate this repair thereby, not just saving one life…but two. ©

The recipient of a Pits for Patriots service dog receives the dog at no cost. All training is funded by private contributions and donations. Dogs that do not complete the service dog program are adopted out as therapy, skilled companions or companion dogs with preference given to veterans and first responders.

Pits for Patriots provides education to the canine, veteran and first responder communities. We participate in many events to educate the public about the devotion of the pit bull breed. We are also dedicated to spreading awareness to the needs of our military and public service personnel. We provide education and in-service programs to hospitals, restaurants, public facilities, airports and medical providers about service dogs, the laws and the benefits to being a service dog friendly institution. Pits for Patriots’ recipients receive training on how to handle public access concerns and confrontations.