Pits for Patriots trains rescued pit bulls as helpful service dogs for veterans and first responders in physical or emotional need. We seek to change the unfairly negative public opinion surrounding pit bulls to help lower euthanasia rates within the breed, while providing education about the complex needs of veterans and first responders and delivering the support they require. We are funded by private contributions and donations, and we place our trained, loving dogs at no cost to the recipient.


Our mission is to save the lives of pit bulls and give them a second chance in a manner that benefits veterans and first responders who have been negatively affected through the fulfillment of their service. We specially train our dogs to assist heroes with physical disabilities and PTSD with therapeutic stress and anxiety relief, to show the world that this “bully breed” has a lot of love to offer. We’re out to make a positive impact—not just saving one life, but two. ©


Pits for Patriots is a registered 501(c) 3 charity recognized by the federal government as a not-for-profit organization, publicly funded by donations, fundraising events, and proceeds from merchandise purchases.



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